Ready to start breaking your unbreakable daily drinking habit…without abstaining, without relying on willpower, and without feeling like there’s no way you can make it last?

You can start changing your relationship with alcohol today….for the rest of your life


Only $49

Tell me if this sounds like you...

Every morning you wake up dedicated to drinking less, but by the end of the day that plan has gone out the window and you’re automatically pouring two, three maybe four glasses of wine every night? 

What if there was a way to stop turning to alcohol to relax and unwind every night and still feel empowered to enjoy a glass of wine with a nice dinner out, or a cold beer at a baseball game. 

That’s exactly what I’ve created with my Alcohol Minimalist lifestyle. The Just START program gives you the foundation and the know-how to do get started living this life too!

Ready to feel more peaceful…like now?

Over the last few years, (you know there was this whole global pandemic thing) many people found themselves drinking a lot more than they used to.  Instead of drinking every now and then or only on the weekends, daily drinking (and overdrinking) became the “go-to way” to relieve stress and buffer away anxiety.

Sound familiar?  I can help! 

I'm the original Alcohol Minimalist!

I’m Molly Watts and I am the original Alcohol Minimalist.

I’m a coach, author and host of a highly-rated podcast (same name in case you’re searching for it).

Luckily, I had already figured out my drinking by the time COVID came around but it wasn’t too long ago that I relied on alcohol to help me unwind every night. As an adult child of an alcoholic, my drinking habit was a cause of ceaseless worry, but I didn’t see myself ever wanting a **sober** life and I didn’t need **recovery**. Can you relate? 

Figuring out how to cut back without cutting alcohol completely out of my life was exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know HOW to start.

Today, I help daily habit drinkers change their drinking habits, stop worrying about their drinking and create a peaceful relationship with alcohol and Just START is my answer to help you…. START. 

Why I created this:

Just START  gets change started! 

Inside you’ll learn the same strategy I used to start changing my 20+ year daily drinking habit


**An unrelenting desire to drink that I had to grit my teeth to get through
**Missing out on fun at social events and parties.
**Claiming I was powerless to change.
**Worrying that I was going to fall back into my old patterns the minute I stopped “trying”. 

Right now you’ve got competing desires…you want to change your drinking habits but you also don’t want to feel stressed out, burned out and anxious at the end of the day. 

You start the day with great intentions, but by the time 5:00 rolls around you’ve got a boss who didn’t appreciate your work today, a family that needs your attention, dinner that has to be made and a dog who is looking at you with those puppy dog eyes because he never got a walk!  It’s just tooo much and even though you planned on not drinking, you find yourself opening the bottle and pouring yourself a glass of wine or opening the fridge and grabbing a beer. 

And then you have another…

And maybe just one more…

Before you know it the bottle of wine is gone or you’re looking at a line of empty beer bottles and let’s face it, you’re feeling the buzz and already a bit of shame and disappointment as you didn’t stick to your plan. 

Imagine if you had a repeatable framework that you could use to not only feel less stressed throughout your day, but it also helped you change your desire for alcohol…and it only takes you one week to learn and start implementing REAL CHANGE. 

Grabbing the Just START now means that by next month you could already be drinking less, feeling better and starting on the path to an alcohol minimalist lifestyle. 

Inside  Just START: Smart Thinking and Real Tools to Change your Drinking Habits…

Book with audio (1)

**This is the ONLY place you will find a copy of Breaking the Bottle Legacy: How to Change your Drinking Habits and Create a Peaceful Relationship with Alcohol in AUDIO.

I’m a podcaster who’s been recognized as having a great voice. I hear it from my listeners all the time–

** so easy to listen to

** sounds like a fireside chat

**positive and wonderful speaker

I’ve also been asked repeatedly if my book was EVER going to be available in audio format.

Well here it is.

This book outlines everything you need to know and everything I used to create sustainable change and build my alcohol minimalist lifestyle.

Here's just a few of the 5-Star Reviews...

Did I mention this is the ONLY place to hear this book in audio, read by yours truly in my “down to earth and highly listenable voice”?

(It’s just what my listeners say).

**Included with the book is a 30-Day Companion Workbook to help you take action on what you’re learning. 

30 Day Companion Guide

**You get  30 days of email support to help take the confusion and  overwhelm out of starting. I’ll break down some of the key concepts you’ll learn even further and give you a some assignments to reinforce your audio learning.

** Special EXCLUSIVE Video Training on the “4-S” New Belief System. 

This is something that I haven’t shared in ANY of my podcasts or in my free Facebook group. 

It’s at the HEART of everything I teach and you get a four-part video lesson to break it down. 

What’s the “4-S” New Belief System? 

It’s a process I’ve defined and created to help you:

  • Uncover the old thoughts and stories your brain is holding onto that keep you stuck. 
  • Get rid of the shame, worry, and struggle you feel around your drinking. 
  • Challenge some of your old beliefs by neutralizing dramatic thinking with facts. 
  • Focus your attention on new thoughts that you can believe right now that will help you change self-limiting beliefs. 

I say it all the time…what I teach is SO MUCH MORE than a way to drink less. It’s about becoming a better thinker and the 4-S System is how we do it. 

Getting started on changing your drinking habits does NOT have to be complicated.

Just START helps you stop procrastinating on change because it’s designed to meet you


You don’t have to jump into a 30-Day break and you don’t even have to include an Alcohol-Free day. 

Who is this for?

If you truly believe you need a drink to relax every day, I hear you. This was absolutely me for decades! You’ll learn the truth about neurochemistry and why daily drinking may actually be causing your anxiety. 

Being stuck in an unbreakable habit is so frustrating.  Every day I’d have the best intentions, but by the time 5:00 pm rolled around, it seemed 

like my brain went on auto-pilot and I found myself opening a beer (or three) in spite of myself.  With Just START you’ll begin learning how to work with your brain and undo the urge to drink. You’ll understand how the habit works and why you’re beautiful, brilliant human brain is where the answer to your unbreakable habit lies. 

Do you live in a constant state of worry and anxiety about your drinking but you’re not sure you want to stop drinking alcohol forever? 

Drink less or stop drinking all together, the choice is up to you.  Just START will help you decide where peace lies for you. 

What you get...

Audiobook of Breaking the Bottle Legacy
**3+ hours of recording
4-S New Belief System Video Training
4 Video Lessons
30-Day Companion Guide
30 Days of Email Support

That sounds like A LOT for only $49 ! It must be TOO GOOD to be TRUE.

I get why you might feel that way.

There’s a lot of people selling a lot of false promises and quick fixes out there. Let me be CLEAR. 

The Just Start program is worth at least five times what I’m offering it for…probably more BUT it’s NOT going to completely change your overdrinking habit in 30 days.

It really can’t because SUSTAINABLE change takes TIME

Anyone who tells you otherwise, isn’t someone I’d trust

What CAN you do in a month? You can get STARTED



You can BELIEVE that PEACE is possible

The reason it’s priced this way is because I don’t want you to WAIT any longer to START creating peace. 

I wanted Just START to be a no-brainer for just about anyone.

Heck, this is less than what you likely spend on alcohol in a week. Am I right?

"Why do you stay in prison, when the doors are so wide open?" ~Rumi Get started on changing your relationship with alcohol....today!



Got questions? I've got answers!

No you don’t. You never have to be completely alcohol-free (unless you decide that’s where peace is for you). I include alcohol in my life in a minimal way that is completely peaceful for me and I encourage you to determine what that means for you. You will learn A LOT about alcohol that helps you challenge some of your current thinking about it and over time, drinking less and including multiple alcohol-free days in your life will feel like second nature.

There is only one thing that will prevent this guide from not working for you and that is if you don’t take action. Plain and simple–it works if you do the work. 


In total the audio book is about three hours long..over seven days that’s less than a half hour each day. The daily assignments might take you 15 minutes to complete and the “4-S” New Belief System Training is about 30 minutes total. Here’s the great thing–you can listen to the audio book just like you would a podcast and so it’s easy to take with you in the car, on a walk or whenever you might be able to listen. 

Due to the fact that this is a totally digital product that you COULD consume most of in hours, there is no refund. I strongly believe that when you finish it…you’ll be thinking more about referrals…not refunds.

Who doesn’t love a little instant gratification?  You sign up and straight away in your inbox you’ll get access to the audiobook, the 4-S Training, your first daily email and the 30-Day Companion Workbook. 


No worries. You have LIFETIME access to everything. This month you’ll just START.  Starting is what we want to accomplish. We want you to START doing the work. Because here’s what I really want you to know…this WORK is work you’ll be doing 


Information provided here or within this guide do not constitute medical advice or treatment, nor does it take the place of advice from a qualified health professional familiar with your unique situation. This program is not intended for the treatment of severe alcohol use disorder. Please seek appropriate treatment for any physical or mental health concerns that you are experiencing.