It is time to stop worrying about your drinking...for good.


Inside Making Peace with Alcohol, you'll get everything you need to change your drinking habits, to create a peaceful relationship with alcohol so that you can stop worrying for the rest of your life.

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

"You want alcohol to be a non-factor in your life. You want to be able to take it or leave it. You need peace: No more worry, no more trying and failing to change. You have a lot of advice on how to be sober, but recovery really isn't what you're looking for. You've over trying to figure this out on your own and never being able to make change last. You're tired of feeling powerless, broken and worried. You wish there was a way to change your drinking habits that was practical, repeatable and best of all, sustainable for the rest of your life. "

Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems every single day. "And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.

Mistakes like...

Myth 1: I've tried to cut back lots of times in the past and I never stick to it.

I get it. I tried rules, forced abstinence--mini breaks, and avoided 30-day challenges because I simply KNEW I'd never be successful. None of these attempts ultimately lead to sustainable change. Here's the truth: What you've done before does not predict your success in the future. When we're focused on rules and restrictions, we don't address the underlying reason that we're drinking. We drink because we believe alcohol will help us feel something. Inside Peace and Power over Alcohol, I help my students uncover the unconscious stories and beliefs that are driving your drinking habit. With the "Better-Thinker Toolkit" you learn how to recognize and challenge the old stories that are keeping you stuck.

"Myth 2: Believing You Need Alcohol to help you Relax & Unwind

This used to be my absolute strongest belief. I believed that alcohol helped me relax and unwind at the end of the day. My daily drinking habit was fueled by my conviction that drinking was helping me relax and I hear this all the time from my students when they are joining the community. What you'll learn inside Alcohol Minimalist for Life is the truth about the science of alcohol and the science of your brain. "

"Myth 3: Loving Alcohol too much to ever give it up!

You know there are a lot mixed messages that we have with alcohol and one thing I want you to know is that truly enjoying a glass of red wine with a steak dinner or an ice cold beer on a summer day--I love these things too. BUT I used to fall into the black and white/absolute thinking that exists around alcohol and is fueled by the recovery industries that peace is only available to people who quit drinking all together. I believed that I couldn't give up drinking and at my core I really didn't want to have to give it up completely. But I didn't see any other options. What you'll learn inside Making Peace with Alcohol is the truth about the science of alcohol and the science of your brain. This isn't a bait and switch. I'm not going to tell you that you can keep drinking alcohol in the beginning and by the end tell you that the only way to have peace is abstinence. We're going to be clear on the risks and rewards and our own personal risk tolerance to determine what peaceful looks like for ourselves. "


"There was a way to change your drinking habits in a way that felt peaceful and created sustainable change... You could finally have a peaceful relationship with alcohol: past, present and future... You could actually look forward to relaxing at the end of the day without a drink in your hand and not feel deprived... You could have all of the above with an enjoyable, repeatable process that makes forever change possible..."

All of that's possible inside

Making Peace With Alcohol--Changing Your Drinking Habits for LIFE

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When you join Making Peace with Alcohol through the end of today, you'll get a 25% discount on the already amazingly low price. "

Who is this right for?

Need to Relax Drinkers

"If you truly believe you need a drink to relax every day, I hear you. This was absolutely me for decades. In Making Peace with Alcohol, we'll help you challenge the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a habit that no longer serves you. The Peace & Power framework will not only help you change your drinking but it will help you feel more relaxed then you ever have before. "

Unbreakable Habit Drinkers

"Being stuck in an unbreakable habit is so frustrating. Every day I'd have the best intentions, but by the time 5:00 pm rolled around, it seemed like my brain went on auto-pilot and I found myself opening a beer (or three) in spite of myself. Inside Making Peace with Alcohol, you'll learn how to work with your brain and undo the urge to drink. You'll understand how the habit works and why you're beautiful, brilliant human brain is where the answer to your unbreakable habit lies. "

Worried about My Drinking Drinkers

"Do you live in a constant state of worry and anxiety about your drinking but you're not sure you want to stop drinking alcohol forever? The goal of Making Peace with Alcohol is to help you create your own peaceful relationship with alcohol. Drink less or stop drinking all together, the choice is up to you. With the Peace & Power Framework you'll learn how to manage your mind and rewire your brain to change your drinking habits. "

Basically, this is for you if...

"You want to change your drinking habits and stop worrying about your drinking. You know you want to cut back but you're not sure where to start. You're tired of worrying but you're overwhelmed by what feels like an unrelenting urge to drink. You want an easy, straightforward system that is repeatable and gets results. "

On the flip-side...

"This is not for you if... You’re looking for a magic bullet. You're interested in learning information and not taking action. You want to keep believing you're not capable of change. You don't have a true desire to create a peaceful relationship with alcohol. "
"I feel better overall and happy with my relationship with alcohol, food and more. It’s still a work in progress. Thank you for the enormous gift of information and encouragement."
Julie D.
"Good morning my friends, really enjoyed the zoom experience yesterday, first time for me so I was a bit nervous. Didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay right until the end. Next time I’m intending to have more input. Thanks Molly for all!"
Andy H.
"I’m just so grateful Molly. I know it’s only been 30 days and I know that change and progress is slow. I understand also that I will still have times where I go off-plan and I’m going to be compassionate with myself when that happens. I know this is a long road and that it is a forever road, but I also can see hope. The things I’ve done and the progress I’ve made in just 30 days speak to that. “
Julie W.
"It was such an aha moment when Molly laid out that we could change our thinking around alcohol, that’s when things changed significantly for me and the journey from there has been SO surprisingly freeing!"
Sue L.
"I can feel that in my own life thanks to Step One and your work. I was drinking at the high risk end when I started Step One. Your program has given me so many tools to move myself away from that daily pattern of drinking and high weekly drink counts. I started with one AF day a week and that felt like such a hurdle and now I am able to consistently have three AF days per week. I do not fear my AF days and in fact I enjoy them. This change in my thinking and behaviour is so empowering."
Stephanie K
"Molly strikes a good balance between citing and quoting Ted talk level experts and incorporating into her own comprehensive research, comprehensive because it brings much together, and then combining that with personal experience. I think that is key to the success of the course."

Hi, I'm Molly! "

I'm a author, podcaster, & life coach who helps daily habit drinkers and adult children of alcoholics to change their drinking habits so that they can create a peaceful relationship with alcohol. "

"Some important things to know about me: I'm a Star Wars nerd, die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, prefer breakfast to just about everything except audiobooks. Audiobooks make my world go round.
My greatest joy is my family—but my second greatest joy is helping people break ""unbreakable"" daily drinking habits and to make peace with alcohol for the rest of their lives. "

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Why I created this:

"I wanted to package up what I learned and share it with more people. I chose to create this program because I wanted to help people understand they aren't powerless and they could change their drinking habits and stop worrying. I also believe that anyone can create a peaceful relationship with alcohol: past, present and future and I'm here to help them do that. "

Why I created this:

Making Peace With Alcohol--Changing Your Drinking Habits for LIFE

"Module One: Introduction

Before I head out on a trip, I like to see the itinerary. That's what Module One is all about. We're laying the foundation, setting some expectations and previewing what's to come. It's not long, but it's still important. Don't skip ahead. "

"Module Two: Awareness and Challenges

We can't change what we can't see and the first step to creating a peaceful relationship with alcohol is awareness. Inside this module you're learn how science, society and the alcohol industry challenge us and how we can practice staying mindful of our own thinking. "

"Module Three: The Doable Drink Plan

Learn why making a doable drink plan is such an important part of changing your drinking habits, the practice of continuous improvement and when we don't plan. (Hint:Never) "

"Module Four: BMRC One Life Changing Tool

At the bottom of the pyramid, the foundation of the Peace & Power Framework,is the BMRC. This one tool is a metaskill that can be applied to any habit that doesn't serve you. Mastering the BMRC requires time and practice...this is the module to get you started! "

"Module Five: The Off-Plan Plan

Having a Doable Drink Plan is important and even more important might be the Off-Plan Plan. In this module, I'll be teaching you how to use compassion and curiosity to learn from missteps, the value of struggle and why we go off plan in the first place. "

"Module Six: Mindset Curation and Community Creation

We're talking about becoming a mental ninja! In this module we'll keep educating ourselves on the science of alcohol and neuroscience. We'll learn why finding a tribe and learning together can speed up your results. "

"Module Seven: Moving Forward as an Alcohol Minimalist

You've been doing great work and it's work that we want to keep doing for the resto of our lives. In this module, we'll undo urges, practice new beliefs and remind ourselves that we can always dive back in. "

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Peace & Power Framework ($1000 value)--BMRC; Doable Drink Plan, Off-Plan Plan, Mindset Curation & Connection Creation Tools
Step One Course ($1000 value)--My proprietary Peace & Power Framework bundled together in a self-paced online course
"Ask Molly" ($500 value)--The Online, in-real-time, Q&A Forum where your questions are answered and archived. We all learn together.
Better Together Accountability Partners ($500 value)--Connect with others in a small group or partnership.
Better Thinker Toolkit ($500 value)--A collection of PDF's, worksheets and more to help you become a better thinker.
Personalized Support ($500 value)--You have an opportunity for 1:1 coaching that is only avialable to community members.
Ongoing Monthly Group Coaching ($1200 value)--drop in every month for ongoing group coaching.
Lifetime Access ($2000 value)--I think this might be the most invaluable part of joining this community. You have access to everything...for the rest of your life.

Today only...

When you join Making Peace with Alcohol through the end of today, you'll get a 25% discount on the already amazingly low price.

A total value of $6500___

Get started today for just


Inside Making Peace with Alcohol, you'll get everything you need to change your drinking habits so that you can stop worrying about alcohol."

Join today! Doors are closing soon.

Got questions? I've got answers!

No you don’t. You never have to be completely alcohol-free (unless you decide that’s where peace is for you). I include alcohol in my life in a minimal way that is completely peaceful for me and I encourage you to determine what that means for you. You will learn A LOT about alcohol that helps you challenge some of your current thinking about it and over time, drinking less and including multiple alcohol-free days in your life will feel like second nature.
“There is only one thing that will prevent this program for not working for you and that is if you quit doing it. If you keep going, and keep practicing all elements of the Peace & Power framework, this program will work for you. Plain and simple–it works if you do the work. “
“The course inside Making Peace with Alcohol will take you 6-8 hours to get through. Additionally, I would say that you’ll want to dedicate 30 minutes per day to ongoing education and implementation. The more time you spend taking action, the faster transformation will happen, but the goal of this program is sustainable change. You can really pace yourself. Did I mention you have lifetime access? Take it slow or speed through–the goal is to keep taking action for the rest of your life. “
“If you do the work and this program doesn’t work for you, then yes you can absolutely get your money back. You have to do put forth some effort and share that work with me because change doesn’t happen just because you finish the course or read the book. It happens when you follow-through with action. I can teach you how, but you still have to make it happen in your life. If you’re really doing the work and not finding success then let me know. “
“It starts as soon as you join! You have immediate access to everything including the course, the coaching and the community connection. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes. So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though my vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)”
“I’ll bet that those previous attempts revolved around a lot of rules and restrictions around the action of drinking. I would venture a guess that you’ve never really understood the connection between how the habit works in your life and how your unconscious stories and beliefs are fueling your desire to drink. Making Peace with Alcohol uses a unique combination of science and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you change your habit from inside. And, the only way you won’t be successful is if you quit trying. Life time access, remember? “
You don’t have to renew and your membership is for life. One payment, one time. Pretty cool right?
“I understand why you’re asking. I really do. Trust me that it’s been encouraged/advised/strongly suggested that I raise the price. I just don’t see the wisdom in that. I wanted to make something that was accesible, actionable and affordable and that’s what I’ve done. It’s worth every penny and then some. “
“Take advantage of the opportunity for 1:1 coaching. Most coaches in my space are charging twice as much for 1:1 coaching (and that’s if you can even get them 1:1). This is the one part of this program that is completely optional and it costs extra but it’s also where I’ve seen people get the best (and fastest) results. “

"If Making Peace with Alcohol does not truly help you, simply email us your completed pre-work worksheets, and three days worth of Creating Awareness worksheets within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund. After those 14 days, you're stuck with us! (Though I think you'll see that's a very good thing. 😉)"

If you've read this far...

"You have two options: Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own... Or, finally have a proven framework for breaking your unbreakable drinking habit so you can finally have peace that lasts forever."

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

"You're ready to stop over-drinking and change your drinking habits. You're ready to stop worrying about your drinking. You're ready to start taking action using a proven method that will make change sustainable. You're ready for a way to make alcohol a non-factor in your life. You're ready for peace with alcohol: past, present and future. You're ready for Making Peace with Alcohol. "

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