Ready to stop worrying and start changing your drinking habits?

This 30-Day "mini" Program will help You begin the process of sustainable change and break your "unbreakable" habit.

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Learn How to Stop Relying on Alcohol to Relieve Stress And Anxiety!

Have you tried to cut back on alcohol but life’s daily stressors: the job, the kids, your spouse, your finances…keep taking you off-track?

What if there was  a way to stop worrying about your drinking and create a peaceful relationship with alcohol?

Hi, I’m Molly Watts and I am the original Alcohol Minimalist. I’m a coach, author and host of the top-rated Alcohol Minimalist podcast dedicated to helping people create a peaceful relationship with alcohol.
Just START is my mini-program designed for  self-changers  to provide you with proven tools and resources to start the process of  changing your drinking habits.

How I Broke My 20+ Year Daily Drinking Habit... And How YOU Can, Too!

 I get it.  Tell me if this sounds like you, because this was definitely me for many years. Decades really.

Every morning you wake up dedicated to drinking less, but by 5:00 PM,  after you’ve worked a full day,  you’re trying to get dinner on the table, shuttling the kids to another activity and trying to fit in your workout too…it all feels overwhelming, and you’re automatically pouring two, three maybe four glasses of wine every night. 

The worst part is, every time you fail you question your ability to change.  

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I was there for 20+ years of my life. But today, I can take alcohol or leave it. 

I can drink occasionally, or not at all. I’m always in full control. 

I am an alcohol minimalist. And I want to help you achieve the same. 

Introducing:  Just START

Smart Thinking And Real Tools To Change Your Drinking Habits

Just like its name implies, this program gives you the smart thinking strategies that I  used to break my daily drinking habits and reshape my relationship with alcohol.

Many of my podcast listeners find Just START compliments what they hear on the podcast.  What you get with Just START is a structured path that makes the process of change, easier.

I promise you this: If you take action on what’s inside Just START now,
by next month, you could already be:

  • Drinking less
  • Feeling better ‘
  • Starting on the path to an alcohol-minimalist lifestyle.

Want Proof? Read What People Are Saying...

Inside: Everything You Need To START Changing Your Relationship With Alcohol

Audiobook Of Breaking The Bottle Legacy

A couple of years ago, I published Breaking the Bottle Legacy, which is now a best-seller on Amazon and has become a gamechanger for so many people. This book outlines everything you need to know create sustainable change and build your alcohol-minimalist lifestyle.

For years, people have asked me if my book was ever going to be available in audio format.

Well, here it is.

Just START is the ONLY place you will find a copy of Breaking the Bottle Legacy: How to Change your Drinking Habits and Create a Peaceful Relationship with Alcohol in audio format.

And if you’ve listened to my podcast, I’m sure you know what to expect:

  • An audiobook that’s easy to listen to
  • Down to earth and highly listenable voice that sounds like a fireside chat
  • A positive tone of voice that keeps you inspired

30-Day Companion Workbook

Learning will never change anything if you don’t take action. To make sure you’re getting started on changing your life and relationship with alcohol,  you receive the  30-Day Companion Workbook—designed to help you take action on what you’re learning.

With this workbook, you’ll have clear guidance on how to apply what you’ve learned from ‘Breaking the Bottle Legacy’ and successfully integrate it into your life. It’s your roadmap to transforming your lifestyle and embracing an alcohol-minimalist approach.

30 Days Of Email Support

This isn’t one of those programs that dumps a bunch of information on you and leaves you scratching your head. Nope.
For the next 30 days, you’ll be hearing from me directly in your inbox. I’ve got your back every step of the way, making sure you are taking action and changing your drinking habits.

I’ll break down the key ideas you’ll be learning, and I’ll even give you some hands-on assignments to reinforce what you’re hearing from the audiobook.

I’ll ensure that you’re not just hearing the info, you’re implementing it.

PLUS, To Make Sure You Succeed, You’ll Also Gain EXCLUSIVE Access To My Brand-New Video Training On The “4-S” New Belief System

To ensure your success, you’ll also gain exclusive access to my brand-new video training on the ‘4-S’ New Belief System. This is something I haven’t shared in any of my podcasts—not even in my Facebook Group.

The “4-S” New Belief System is the heartbeat of everything I teach, and I’m giving you a four-part video lesson to break it down, step by step.

So, what exactly is this ‘4-S’ New Belief System, you ask?

It’s a process I’ve defined and created to help you:

  • Dig deep and uncover those old thoughts and stories your brain’s been hanging onto, keeping you stuck
  • Kick shame, worry, and struggle to the curb when it comes to your drinking habits
  • Challenge those outdated beliefs by injecting some cold, hard facts to neutralize all that drama
  • Redirect your focus to fresh thoughts you can believe in right now, ones that’ll help you break free from self-limiting beliefs

I say it all the time, what I teach is SO MUCH MORE than a way to drink less. It’s about becoming a better thinker and the 4-S System is how we do it.

$99 ONLY $59

Who Is This For?

If you truly believe you need a drink to relax every day, I hear you. I’ve been right where you are for decades! Through this program, I’ll unveil the truth about neurochemistry and why daily drinking may actually be causing your anxiety.

If you find yourselves caught in an unbreakable habit, I’ll help you break free and regain control over your life. With Just START you’ll begin learning how to work with your brain and undo the urge to drink. You’ll understand how the habit works and why you’re beautiful, brilliant human brain is where the answer to your unbreakable habit lies.

Do you live in a constant state of worry and anxiety about your drinking but you’re not sure you want to stop drinking alcohol forever? Drink less or stop drinking altogether, the choice is up to you. Just START will help you decide where peace lies for you.

What You’re Getting For Just $59:

Why Doesn't it Cost More?

 I understand if you think this sounds too good to be true.

The reason it’s priced this way is that I don’t want you to wait any longer to START creating peace.

I wanted Just START to be a no-brainer for just about anyone.

Heck, this is less than what you likely spend on alcohol in a week. Am I right?

Act Now—The Peaceful Life Your Want is
Available to YOU!

If you expect this is going to magically change your overdrinking habit in 30 days, it won’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t someone I’d trust.

Sustainable change takes time, and so does changing your drinking habit and making sure it stays that way for the rest of your life.

But what this program can help  you DO in a month is to help you get STARTED:

  • You’ll start to learn about your habit
  • You’ll start to feel better and make different choices
  • You’ll start to believe that peace is possible

Even if you’ve been stuck with your drinking habit for decades, you can change your life by changing your relationship with alcohol. 


Got Questions? I've got Answers.

Do I have to quit drinking altogether to join?

No, you don’t. You never have to be completely alcohol-free (unless you decide that’s where peace is for you).  Just like me, I maintain a peaceful relationship with alcohol by incorporating it into my life in a very minimal way, and I invite you to experience what that feels like for yourself. Through this program, you’ll gain valuable insights about alcohol that will allow you to question some of your current beliefs surrounding it. And as time goes on, drinking less and embracing multiple alcohol-free days will become second nature.

The only thing standing between you and success with this guide is taking action. Plain and simple: it works if you do the work.

Well, the audiobook runs for approximately three hours in total. If you spread that out over seven days, it’s less than half an hour each day. The daily assignments shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to finish, and the ‘4-S’ New Belief System Training is about 30 minutes in total.

What’s even better is, you can listen to the audiobook just like you would a podcast. That means you can take it with you in the car, on a walk, or whenever you have a free moment to tune in.

Due to the fact that this is a totally digital product that you could consume most of in hours, there is no refund. I strongly believe that when you finish it, you’ll be thinking more about referrals, not refunds.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll immediately receive access to the audiobook, the 4-S Training, your very first daily email, and the 30-Day Companion Workbook—delivered straight to your inbox.

No worries. You have LIFETIME access to everything. This month, it’s all about taking that first step—just STARTing. We want you to START doing the work. Because what I want you to understand is that: this WORK is the work you’ll be doing FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. And trust me, that’s a fantastic thing.

Information provided here or within this guide do not constitute medical advice or treatment, nor does it take the place of advice from a qualified health professional familiar with your unique situation. This program is not intended for the treatment of severe alcohol use disorder. Please seek appropriate treatment for any physical or mental health concerns that you are experiencing.