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Sound Familiar? I've been there too...

From the outside I was successful. I had a full-time job, four kids and even managed to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. 

Inside it was a different story. Every night I came home after work and I had to drink to relax and unwind.

I believed I needed to drink. It wasn’t like I got drunk. (I wasn’t an alcoholic like my Mom I would reassure myself) but it was the need for alcohol. And I worried about my drinking.  Constantly.

Everyday a little voice kept saying “you’re drinking too much. It’s not good for you. You should definitely drink less.” 

5:00 pm would roll around and I’d pour a drink again.  This time the voice said, “It’s not that bad, it’s not like you’ve got a real problem.  It’s just beer. I’ll do better next week.”

And the whole cycle would start all over again the next day. I felt stuck in an unbreakable habit. 

Here's the Truth(s)...

What Exactly is an Alcohol Minimalist?

An alcohol minimalist prioritizes alcohol-free days to create a peaceful relationship with alcohol. 

An alcohol minimalist includes alcohol in their life in a way that minimizes health risks by evaluating science. 

An alcohol minimalist is mindful about drinking and intentional about their alcohol consumption.

An alcohol minimalist does not need alcohol to fit in, chill out or have fun. They do not use alcohol to numb negative emotions. They manage their minds by choosing their thoughts. 

An alcohol minimalist does not waste time worrying about their drinking and they have more time and energy to devote to living their best life! 

You Can Do this!

"Working with Molly was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I found a community that supported me as I made life style changes, took powerful steps to assess where I was and where I wanted to be. I learned that following the science and paying attention to my brain chemistry along with behavioral cues, I could change a habit that wasn't serving me. I no longer felt, I must be broken. Just the opposite, I felt full of purpose and passion. In fact, making the changes I did, two major projects I'd been working on came to fruition. I'll end the way I started, working with Molly was one of the best decisions I've ever made."
Nancy S.
Coaching Client
"I can feel that in my own life thanks to Step One and your work. I was drinking at the high risk end when I started Step One. Your program has given me so many tools to move myself away from that daily pattern of drinking and high weekly drink counts. I started with one AF day a week and that felt like such a hurdle and now I am able to consistently have three AF days per week. I do not fear my AF days and in fact I enjoy them. This change in my thinking and behavior is so empowering."
Stephanie K.
Coaching Client
"Through Step One I’ve awakened to the power of my busy mind and how my thoughts can work for and against me. I’m learning (choosing!) to let go of long held beliefs that have kept me stuck in patterns of dysfunctional drinking. With this framework in place I feel lighter and much more hopeful."
Shelley G.
Coaching Client
"Just when I thought there was no reason to try, I signed up for Molly’s group. And what I learned the most is that we are all a life-long work in progress…AND WE are in charge of the choices we make! Facing forward and not getting down about the past is an ongoing lesson for me and Molly has been a constant motivator to keep me focused on that path. I truly value the science and support she puts out there for all of us.”
Dorothy D
Coaching Client
"By establishing a healthy and peaceful relationship with alcohol, I have been able to reduce my drinking without feeling deprived. I have continued to be social and have not fled nor feared situations in which others choose to drink. I have gained life in terms of time, money, and mental & physical health because of Molly as I reduce alcohol in my life and enjoy peace surrounding my drinking."
Coaching Client
"Molly strikes a good balance between citing and quoting Ted talk level experts and incorporating into her own comprehensive research, comprehensive because it brings much together, and then combining that with personal experience. I think that is key to the success of the course."
Coaching Client

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