An Alcohol Minimalist is Born...

Is Your Story Similar to Mine?

I’m Molly.  I’m a Mom, wife, co-worker, sister, and friend. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband, Joe, and our Kirby. 

I’m also the adult child of an alcoholic who developed an “oxymoronic” daily drinking habit that persisted for decades.

For a lot of years, I hid behind a successful family and career and refused to acknowledge that my own daily drinking habit was well beyond the limits for low-risk or even moderate drinking. 

I lived in a constant state of anxiety, worrying about drinking but resigned to it, believing it was the natural consequence of growing up with an alcoholic parent and drinking more than I logically knew was good for me.

I didn’t believe I would ever break my 20+ year daily drinking habit. 

But I did. Now, I’m “mostly alcohol-free”. 

I got certified as a life coach, wrote a highly-rated book about my journey and host a popular podcast designed to help other people achieve something I thought was impossible.

I don’t want you to wait as long as I did to figure this out.

You can drink less (or not at all.) You can worry less. And you can live a more peaceful life. Let me show you how.

My Certification