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do you need a more peaceful relationship with alcohol? w/ Molly Watts

Are you Physically (or Psychologically) Addicted to Alcohol? - Molly Watts explains

Changing the Unchangeable with Molly Watts

Will I Succeed? w/ Molly Watts

make peace with alcohol w/ Molly Watts

Changing your relationship with alcohol - Molly Watts explains

breaking the bottle legacy with Molly Watts

our relationship with alcohol w/ Molly Watts


Moderation In The Spotlight

Demi Lovato sparked a firestorm of controversy recently when she revealed in her documentary, Dancing with the Devil, that she is choosing moderation as her recovery strategy.

Do You Know Your Alcohol Number?

You’ve heard the phrase, but what’s at the heart of mindful drinking? Essentially it’s about paying attention and understanding the reasons you’re drinking.

Are You Sober Curious?

If you started drinking more during the pandemic, you are not alone. If it has negatively impacted your life, however, there is something you can do about it.