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I wrote this e-book to help answer a question people ask all the time? They want to know the truth about alcohol and how much is considered to be “safe”. 

In Alcohol Truths, I use science to help answer that question for you. You’ll learn that it’s all very individual and there’s a worksheet included to help you determine how your current drinking level or a reduced drinking level might benefit you in terms of:

  • >>Physical Health<<
  • >>Social Health<<
  • >>Financial Health<<
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Recommended Reading

Other Resources

What is alcohol use disorder?  Learn more about it from the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

What is a standard drink?  It’s an important measurement here in the US. Learn more from the NIAAA here.

Moderation Management is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people moderate drinking through guided self-help. Visit Moderation Management. 

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